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Our Journey Home

As China tightens border control, it is extremely difficult for Chinese citizens to return their homes.

‘Paan’demic Memories

By Anujaya Krishna Covid-19 tales from Lucknow, India This piece is a tribute to an old lady who was very special to me. I wrote this to...

Count Blessings in the Pandemic

We see God’s presence in His creation even during this catastrophic pandemic. We will continue to count His blessings every day.

Playing Both Halves of the Game

By Lin Shiyu COVID-19 tales from Fujian, China and New Jersey, U.S.A. Life seemed to be playing tricks on me. I went to China in January...

A Virus Named Totalitarianism

by Zhang Xinxin COVID-19 tales from Atlanta, U.S.A. A devastating piece of news hit me on the morning of April 9th. My friend Cheng...

Gripped by the Coronavirus

By Rani Drew COVID-19 tales from Cambridge, UK On the 28th of February, 2020, my husband and I returned to Cambridge from a short holiday...

See You Online

I'm a student as well as a teacher. During this pandemic, the sweetest words I say to my professor and students are, “See you online."

A Welcoming Gesture

Social distancing is still dominating our way of being. But “we will meet again,” just as the Queen commented in closing her special speech.

Lockdown: a Kind of New Life

by Xie Hong COVID-19 tales from Shenzhen, China As a writer who works from home, my life has not changed very much because of the...

Grace in Pandemic

I believe my children will remember the happiness of going out of quarantine on Easter, the day that Jesus resurrected to save humanity.

The Deserter

My daughters' pediatrician avoided us because he suspected that my children had COVID-19.

Masks and Roses

I'm running around giving out masks. I don’t mind if people think I’m too bossy.

Run, Catherine, Run!

I finished the LA Marathon on March 8th. I stood at the finishing line, holding my medal, crying like a baby.

Is Donald Trump a Bad Guy?

I tried to summarize what Trump said on TV and translate it into plain English. Luckily, Trump’s education is equal to that of a 10-year-old

​A Normal Day in Hong Kong

I am living every day as if it is my last day of normalcy since there is no guarantee that something dramatic won’t take place tomorrow.

Dear Beans

After the coronavirus outbreak, I visited the online stores of Costco, Amazon, and Walmart every day searching for dried beans.

Three Strangers

America will not fall apart as long as the most ordinary people treat each other with sincerity, care, and confidence.

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